Standard Spotlight

This semester, I will be focusing on the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) standard C/T K-2.4 A-B, reproduced below:

C/T K-2.4
Plan and apply strategies for gathering information, using a variety of tools and sources, and reflect on alternate strategies that might lead to greater successes in future projects.

A. Identify information in various formats.
• Recognize that information may be presented as printed text, electronic text, audio, video, or images.
B. Identify available sources of information.
• Be able to name and use sources of information available at school and outside the school.

Source: Virginia Department of Education Technology Standards

Integrating the Four Cs of 21st Century Learning

As a 21st Century educator, I will integrate technology into the classroom while focusing on the four C’s of learning. Luckily, my First Graders all have iPads, so we can easily achieve these.


Technology can help students and teachers communicate in so many ways. To name a few, students can: create videos, portfolios, and stories on their iPads. As their teacher, I will use QR codes to communicate which website(s) I want them to visit for a given lesson.


My students will collaborate with other students and their teachers in Google Docs. They will collaborate with one another while they are working on projects.

Critical Thinking

First Graders will be utilizing critical thinking skills when they are naming and deciding which digital tools to use inside and outside of school.


Technology fuels creativity. In my class, students will be using printed text, electronic text, audio, video, and images to embrace their creativity.

Let me know what you think–Please comment below if you have any questions!


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