Place Value No. 5

Last week, I created a video for my ED 558 class (ED 558 = Elementary Math Methods at Marymount University). It is somewhat painful for me to watch, but the students love it! They get excited to see their own teacher on the screen singing, dancing, and making a fool of herself. 🙂

Below are the steps I took to create this “music video,” with an estimation on how long each step took:

  1. Write the song (90 minutes)
  2. Plan out what videos/pictures need to be taken in classroom (60 minutes)
  3. Record voice using QuickTime Player (45 minutes)
  4. Take pictures and videos in the classroom (60 minutes)
    -This will go by quickly if you take your time on Step #2!
  5. Put together the pictures and videos using iMovie (120 minutes)
  6. Upload to YouTube and share with the world! (20 minutes)

Please comment below if you have any questions on how I created this video.


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