Technology Learning Projects in the 21st Century

I got a lot of great ideas from the video “Digital Media- New Learners of the 21st Century,” by the Upper St. Clair School District, which they posted six years ago. Although most of these projects are geared towards older students, I am confident I can scale some down for my First Graders.

Around minute 38:30, the video discusses a project where students had the opportunity to design, or redesign, Downtown Middleton. This is an excellent opportunity for students to embrace their creativity, collaborate with one another, and work to improve their community by communicating with their City Hall Officials.


The students are walking around the community and coming up with a plan to design, or redesign, Downtown Middleton. Then, they actually sit down with representatives from their city to discuss their findings and suggestions. How amazing!


The students are communicating face-to-face with their City Hall Officials. I am sure there was some e-mail communications prior to, but this face-to-face time is invaluable. Not to mention, it says a lot about their City Hall’s involvement in their students’ education!


Students are collaborating on this project and they are collaborating with the City Hall Officials. They are working together to come up with an action plan for their beloved Downtown area.


This project allows students to be creative in many ways. They need to design a plan, create a budget, and communicate a proposal. All of these elements require detail-oriented, creative, students.



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