Extracurricular Empowerment

It was very refreshing to hear Scott McLeod’s TedTalk about Extracurricular Empowerment. We share a similar viewpoint–a point of view that is much different than most administrators’ opinions. I had many takeaways from Scott McLeod’s eight minute TedTalk, but I will highlight my top three below:

Starting Young

Technology is becoming more commonplace and it is getting into our children’s hands at a younger and younger age. Scott McLeod shared various success stories of children, as young as nine years old, who have established an international community of followers. These children are enthusiastic, passionate, curious, self-directed, confident, critical thinkers, disciplined, problem solvers (McLeod, 2013). These eight characteristics are qualities I would be looking for in a student, child, or employee. Technology is helping our children attain these skills.

Use it for Good

Technology is here to stay and we need to teach our children/students that it is a tool. It should be used for positive purposes such as inventing, creating, fundraising, etc. We should embrace technology in the classroom and use it as frequently as possible. It increases engagement and curiosity.

Strategic Restrictions

Teachers and parents should be careful as to how they punish or restrict their children from using technology. If you take away a child’s cell phone, they will likely find another way to communicate with their friends (i.e. iPads, computers, apps). If you don’t allow them to use Instagram, they will likely find another outlet (Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, etc).

There are so many technology resources out there and it is our job as parents and educators to teach our children how to properly use these resources. By educating them on the uses, the harms, and the etiquette, they will be less likely to abuse the privilege in the first place.

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McLeod, Scott (2013). Extracurricular Empowerment. TedxDesMoines. Available online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyIl4y_MRbU&feature=youtu.be


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